In the cell group, we are studying with the aim of clarifying the relationship between cell structure and function from the response of cells to oxidative stress and high-pressure stress. In particular, I am also studying monolayers in order to understand the basic properties of membranes. In oxidative stress, we are studying the mechanism by which amphipathic ascorbic acid derivatives suppress paraquat oxidative damage to cells. In high-pressure stress, we are investigating the mechanism of hemolysis of erythrocytes and induction of apoptosis by high pressure.

Keywords: oxidation and high-pressure stress, erythrocyte membrane, monomolecular membrane, ascorbic acid derivative, cell death

Study of cell membrane structure and function
Behavior of erythrocyte membrane skeletal protein under high pressure
Effect of pressure on nucleated cells such as red leukocyte cancer cells (MEL cells) and Xenopus laevis